berkeley DC

Turning houses into homes

Client: berkeley DC
Production Company: Ost Haus
Photographer: Alexander Kreher
Producer: Nathan Nunnelly

berkeley is entering the real estate market with a focus on design and curated experiences based around their distinctive properties.

Our goal was to direct creative content initiatives and produce brand-supporting imagery for social campaigns and their website for the kickoff in Washington D.C. The focus was rooted in establishing berkeley as the leader in timeless, design-focused properties.

Exterior of “The Ralph”
Exterior detail of “The Ralph”

Telling the story of each individual property and their neighborhood within Washington D.C through abstract detail shots of and around the house, captivating and inviting photographs of the neighborhood, and process imagery of the houses being renovated.

Odd Provisions in Columbia Heights, Washington D.C.
Z-Burger in Columbia Heights, Washington D.C.

Establishing the location as a brand element that provides context of the environment to prospective clients by showing the people that frequent the streets and the bar around the corner that serves the best Old Fashioned.

Room 11 in Columbia Heights, Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. establishing imagery of the Washington Memorial.
Washington D.C. establishing imagery of the United States Capitol.
Washington D.C. establishing imagery of the Lincoln Memorial.
The master bedroom of “The Ralph” property.
Interiors of “The Ralph” property.

Crafting a personality for each house by showing the history and elements from the process of getting to the finished property.

The kitchen of “The Ralph” property.
A detail of the interior of “The Ralph” property.
The main living area of “The Ralph” property.

One important focus was in humanizing the team through authentic portraits of the berkeley team. The goal was to separate berkeley from the faceless real estate competition by inspiring trust in the brand.

Headshots of both berkeley partners Jillian S. Weaver (left), and Robert L. Thorsen (right), and a casual team photos.
An additional bed room in “The Ralph” property.

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